Nassau Flipped Today

Chuck Igo
Tue Apr 13 17:58:27 EDT 2004

The new Nassau formats arrived today.

As hinted at, 107.5 FM is now "Frank FM," playing Classic HITS with an
introductory period of 10,000 songs, commercial free.  Have only heard
"sweepers" with the occasional "WTHT Lewiston" at the top of the hour.
Should run its course in about 3-4 weeks, and once the audience has
heard "American Pie," "Draggin' the Line," and "Life In The Fastlane"
for the 4th or 5th time, it'll have run its course.  However, if they
keep the chatter to a minimum and the platter to the max, they could
make some serious inroads.  At the moment, their positioner against
commercials will help them, but once they start paying the electric
bill, that shining spot will dim quickly.

104.7/106.7 are simulcasting "The Bone," Classic ROCK (ALL classic rock;
nothing remotely "new" heard) with Howard Stern in the morning.
Directly targeting WBLM, in sound and imaging.  One sweeper I found
interesting was a partially "bleeped" F-bomb directed at what 'BLM
considers "classic rock."  Gee, roll some tape, file a complaint and
they'll be loopin' a heartbeat again in a, er... Heartbeat?

870 AM was running some sort of syndicated talk programming.  Only a
guess that it's the previously-alluded to Air America network.

And there's a report (by way of NNE Radio-Info) that Peggy Lee's "Fever"
was heard on a spin past 1470 AM.

That's all from Maine for now.  Will write again soon when I get the
chance.  My best to all back in civilization.  Pat the dog for me and
make sure you tell the President that he's got a new morning host in
town for those nice, summer weekends in the 'Port.

- -Chuck Igo

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