CCU to install RDS in 192 FM stations

Larry Weil
Mon Oct 27 18:13:20 EST 2003

At 3:02 PM -0500 10/27/03, Aaron Read wrote:
>  There's the obvious problem that scant few radios can even receive 
>RDS/RBDS in the first place, even fewer can auto-tune to a new 
>station based on that protocol (something like 1% of 1% I'd 
>imagine...perhaps more or less, but it's precious few).

I think if you go car shopping you'll find out that a lot more than 
one percent of car radios are equipped for RDS.  Even some economy 
cars have them as standard equipment.

As for those that will tune automatically, that's something we'll 
have to wait for.
Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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