CCU to install RDS in 192 FM stations

Chuck Igo
Mon Oct 27 12:51:43 EST 2003

regarding CCU's intention to install RDS in 192 FM stations, Aaron asked:
>>News bit from BE Radio.   Anyone think this "means" anything more than
it looks like on the surface? <<

it depends on what it looks like on the surface to you...

to me, it seems a vast conspiracy to do away with on-air radio
professionals.  by using RDS on all of their stations, they'll not have to
worry about having to pay someone to announce the title and artist.  of
course, this ploy only works if the entire listening audience has an RDS
capable receiver.

okay.  sarcasm off.  maybe it's an upgrade and BE is thrilled to be a part
of it?  (*probably means some mitter upgrades or ancillary products
sold/marketed/supported by BE*)  just a guess.

- -Chuck (RDS takes all the fun out of listening for the next Beatles tune)

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