Christmas 103

Wed Nov 26 16:10:17 EST 2003

Please, please tell me you're kidding!  You're  turning into Joe 
Gallant!  None of these stations are changing format! They are both 
still calling themselves by their normal monikers (Oldies 103.3 and Star 
93 seven) and in the case of Star, they're using their latest slogan 
"feel good" as part of their holiday presentation.  I would not be 
surprised to see some musical adjustments and fresh imaging come to both 
stations on 12/26, but the formats will stay the same.  

With that said, I think FM sports talk would work in Boston, but 
Entercom won't even entertain the thought of moving WEEI to FM until the 
Red Sox rights situation is resolved.  If the team re-ups with Entercom, 
it's a remote possibility--but I wouldn't bet on it.  Sports on WEEI is 
maximising the 850 signal.  What else could you put on it that would 
bring in even half of what it's currently billing?  Standards? Satellite 
talk to supplement WRKO? We have enough of that on the dial.  How about 
ESPN to flank a WEEI-FM which would give Entercom a place to air sports 
conflicts instead of 680?  In either instance, it wouldn't work--and 
please don't say "real oldies." Those stations get paltry ratings and 
barely bill enough to pay for the electricity to the transmitter. 93.7 
airing it's current format and WEEI will better than sportstalk on FM 
and something else on 850.

Mike Thomas

Bob Nelson wrote:

>Hmm-- the possibilities:
>--The new sports talker is Infinity's WODS 103.3, and
>'EEI-ers go there. Call letters stand for "Ordway Does
>Sports" :) Sensing an oldies void in the
>market, Entercom's 93.7 brings back the "Blue
>Suede Radio" format they used to have. Paging
>Cheryl Ann Gowdy :)
>--Entercom keeps 93.7 and flips it to sports talk,
>possibly with the Sox, too. The signal does pretty
>well and they could add some AM affiliates where
>it's weak (for Sox games)
>--The Sox/NESN buy 93.7 from Entercom and WSOX
>Sports Talk 93.7 is on the air, probably with
>WEEI's intellectual property (no jokes :) )
>and AM 850 goes to another format.
>--WEEI sports talk moves to 93.7 but the Sox
>decide to put their games on WBZ...
>But who knows!

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