93.7 now all xmas

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Wed Nov 26 13:51:13 EST 2003

Lorraine Smith wrote:
> If I were an advertiser this holiday season, I
> would give serious consideration as where my
> dollars were being spent. If a listener is tuning
> out because they don't want "much more Christmas
> music", it's a good bet they won't be sticking around
> for the sponsors message.

My guess is that TSL will be fairly strong for Xmas music.  Listeners may
be in the mood for it every day, but when the do they're likely to stick
around longer as it kind of makes good background.

> What Christmas music I am ready to hear the day
> before Thanksgiving?
> Mannheim Steamroller, Kenny G and the Eagles
> "Please come for Christmas". I never seem to catch
> it enough in rotation.

My fave would have to be Elton John's "Step Into Christmas".  Don't ever
recall any Boston/northern New England station playing it back in the
mid-70s though (the old WKBR would play the "B" side "Ho Ho Ho, Who'd Be A
Turkey At Christmas").

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