93.7 now all xmas

Lorraine Smith lorraine6474@usadatanet.net
Wed Nov 26 13:26:35 EST 2003

>   Kevin Vahey wrote:
> >Entercom has flipped dance 93.7 to Christmas music as well. Could this be
> >the start of perhaps doing a simulcast of WEEI on FM??? Dance listeners
> >will flee 93.7 in droves.

Of my 12 FM pre-sets, 4 of them are all Christmas.
2 from Bos 2 from Prov.
Of the remaining, some are just a convenient spot
to scan up or down from. That leaves me with two
stations I can count on for the music I prefer,
106.7 and 99.1

If I were an advertiser this holiday season, I
would give serious consideration as where my
dollars were being spent. If a listener is tuning
out because they don't want "much more Christmas
music", it's a good bet they won't be sticking around
for the sponsors message.

What Christmas music I am ready to hear the day
before Thanksgiving?
Mannheim Steamroller, Kenny G and the Eagles
"Please come for Christmas". I never seem to catch
it enough in rotation.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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