Fwd: Re: Dentist Office Radio

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Tue Nov 25 03:25:36 EST 2003

--- Laurence Glavin <lglavin@lycos.com> wrote:

> Something similar happens now at Hahvud's WHRB;  at
> about
> 10:00 pm, the classical programming stops at that
> hour and
> pretty brutal (I've been told) hard rock commences.

This isn't really the same thing, but years ago
WMWM had a hard rock show on Saturday night 9 to
midnight. We went off the air at midnight then went
back on Sunday morning at 7 am with contemporary
Christian followed at 9 am by country. How about
someone listening to the rock/metal show on Sat.
night, turning off their radio, then waking up to
Christian music or Garth Brooks?  :)

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