WCRB-FM Stereo

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> Subject: Re: WCRB-FM Stereo
> I dimly recall some station in Boston claiming at one point they were
> transmitting a quad signal. WWEL seems to be the one nagging in my
> head.

For a short time around 1973 or 1974 WBCN was broadcasting in
a kind of "fake quadraphonic" which seemed to involve sending
a certain range of the audio frequencies out of phase, which
sent those frequencies to the rear speakers.

It sounded a bit strange in regular stereo, like there was
some phase error, and it sounded somewhat tinny in mono due
to phase cancellation.

I never had a "quad" receiver to check it out in it's glory.
I wonder if any of them ever show up on eBay? That's now about
the only place you can get an AM stereo these days.

Eli Polonsky

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