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Eli Polonsky
Tue Nov 25 01:48:06 EST 2003

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>> When WBLM, then in Lewiston/Auburn ME started up, >they were beautiful
>> music during the day, and hard rock in the evening >and overnight.  A
>> transition like that would happen every night at 7PM!
> > Something similar happens now at Hahvud's WHRB;  at about
> 10:00 pm, the classical programming stops at that hour and
> pretty brutal (I've been told) hard rock commences.
> I don't receive WHRB well at home (I use it mostly on the highway)
> so I've never experienced this switch...maybe one of you
> has and can describe it.

Though they have a commercial license, WHRB is still a (mostly)
student run and staffed college station. It's much more expected
to hear a wide variety of programs and formats, sometimes with
very incongruous transitions, on a student run college station
rather than on a commercial station (or a formatted professional
public station).

Eli Polonsky

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