WCRB-FM Stereo

A. Joseph Ross lawyer@attorneyross.com
Tue Nov 25 00:47:50 EST 2003

On 23 Nov 2003 at 22:56, Hakim Madjid wrote:

> By the way, the
> old HH Scott tuners and receivers from the early 60s
> which had separate circular tuning dials for AM and
> FM, were designed receive the scheme you describe
> where one of the stereo channels would be broadcast on
> AM. 

My parents had one of those.  There was a small slide switch on the tuner chassis to select 
FM stereo or AM-FM stereo.  In the latter mode, AM played through one channel and FM the 
other, and each could be tuned separately to the desired station.  But we never used it that 
way, since by then, FM stereo was widespread.

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