Fw: WNSH to 50kw, WPEP goes away

madprof madprof@ix.netcom.com
Mon Nov 24 09:36:13 EST 2003

nuts, accidently hit "send"before done.    Moderator, please delete previous

 Dan:    excellent analysis!  your knowledge and intelligence are highly

 with my knowledge being "enough to be dangerous", I completely agree with
 "hair-brained proposal"

a note on effectiveness of WNSH's current site (from KC8LSY's AM-Viewer
(of FCC_database) software): the augmentations (to non-engineering folks:
that means corrections in theoritical pattern) show a severe loss of signal
to the north-west.    if the FCC did approve  (in error),  the same general
would still exist.

note re WRCA & tower loss several years ago: I live 0.5 miles from the site,
and was told by station persons that a truck backed into a guy wire,
precipitating the tower drop.


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