WCRB-FM Stereo

Hakim Madjid hmadjid@yahoo.com
Mon Nov 24 01:56:01 EST 2003

Counselor Ross writes:
>There were quite regular dual-station stereo
>broadcasts in the late 
>50s, involving WGBH, 
>WBUR, and WBCN at least.  Also, WCRB was regularly
>broadcasting in 
>stereo by putting 
>one channel on AM and one on FM.  WBZ also did
>stereo that way for one 
>hour on Sunday 

Yup that's right before the current system of FM
stereo broadcasting was developed (ca late 1950s),
with approval by the Friendly Candy Company [FCC] in
the early 60s, there were all manner of kludgey
schemes proposed just as you describe. By the way, the
old HH Scott tuners and receivers from the early 60s
which had separate circular tuning dials for AM and
FM, were designed receive the scheme you describe
where one of the stereo channels would be broadcast on
AM. Kind of reminds me of the twin-forked tonearm
schemes with separate pickups what were proposed for
stereo Lps in the mid 50s.

By the way I remember the quadraphonic experiments
carried out jointly by WCRB and WGBH in the around
1969 - 1970 or so, where one of the two would
broadcast the front channels, and the other would
broadcast the rear channels. This was so far back I
forgot which station did which. :-) This of course
required a listener to have 2 FM tuners and 4 channels
of amplification, or 2 receivers.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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