WNSH to 50kw, WPEP goes away

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Mon Nov 24 00:36:10 EST 2003

>The betting line in Canada is that most viewers will get their digital/HD 
>service via either satellite or digital cable. Both of the satellite 
>providers (Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice) offer the Boston and Seattle 
>DTV channels (yes, that's right - people in Whitehorse can get WBZ-DT by 
>satellite, but not people in Walpole) as well as some Canadian HD content. 
>I'm pretty sure the US DTV channels are available on digital cable as well 
>in many parts of Canada.

I stand (sit?) mildly corrected - just looked at Star Choice again and it 
offers Seattle and DETROIT. So the hardcore TV geek in Whitehorse actually 
has three cities' worth of US DTV to choose from. (Not that it would make 
living in Whitehorse any more appealing, mind you...)


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