Why Willard "Mitt" Romney is Mass. Governor?

A. Joseph Ross lawyer@attorneyross.com
Mon Nov 24 01:20:46 EST 2003

On 23 Nov 2003 at 5:59, Bob Nelson wrote:

> --A recent Travel Channel documentary about the Little People of
> America convention from 2002 in Salt Lake City  showed "politically
> incorrect" T-shirts being sold by Danny Black, a dwarf who markets
> products for and about the short-statured. Referring to the once-common
> practice of polygamy by Mormons (now outlawed) as well as a famous
> fairy tale, one shirt said "One Wife, Seven Dwarfs: We Had The Idea
> First". 

I wonder how long it will stay outlawed.  Now that the courts have held that people have a 
constitutional right to decide whom to marry, why aren't laws against incest and polygamy 
also unconstitutional?

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