Why Willard "Mitt" Romney is Mass. Governor?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Sun Nov 23 08:59:54 EST 2003

--- Dan Billings <billings@suscom-maine.net> wrote:
> South Park this week is about a Mormon family moving
> to town.  Very funny.
Two things:

--remember when John Lakian ran against Romney (for
the GOP Senate nomination, I think) and he said "I
will not make an issue out of Mr. Romney's religion",
then stumbled during a debate and referred to his
opponent as "Mr. Mormon"? 

--A recent Travel Channel documentary about the Little
People of America convention from 2002 in Salt Lake
City  showed "politically incorrect" T-shirts being
sold by Danny Black, a dwarf who markets products for
and about the short-statured. Referring to the
once-common practice of polygamy by Mormons
(now outlawed) as well as a famous fairy
tale, one shirt said "One Wife, Seven Dwarfs: We Had
The Idea First". "Didja get the joke?," asks Black,
holding up the shirt to a prospective buyer. Given
that the convention was in Salt Lake City... :)


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