Why Willard "Mitt" Romney is Mass. Governor?

Sean Smyth sps199@psu.edu
Sun Nov 23 01:05:54 EST 2003

Garrett Wollman writes:
<< I think the rise of mass media -- television in particular -- has
effectively eliminated the utility of the afternoon papers.  How many
cities can you think of that still have both? >>

An anomaly down here in PA ... two neighboring cities (York, Lancaster)
have both AM and PM papers. The Steinman family (former owners of what
is now WLNE, among other outlets) owns the Lancaster papers. The York
papers are owned by Bruckner (morning Daily Record) and Media News
(afternoon Dispatch); Media News has an option to buy the Daily Record
in January and everyone expects that to go through.

Baltimore and Harrisburg were two cities that disposed of the co-owned
evening papers in very recent (i.e. within the last 5-6) years.

A plug on the side ... I'm planning on starting a Boston-centered
newspaper e-mail list (similar to BRI) in the immediate future. If you
or anyone else you know wishes to join, e-mail me off-list. (I know we
have a couple newspaper people who lurk here.)

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