Why Willard "Mitt" Romney is Mass. Governor?

Sven Franklyn Weil sven@gordsven.com
Sat Nov 22 20:47:30 EST 2003

On Sat, 22 Nov 2003, Garrett Wollman wrote:
> Transcript and the Post survive in some form today.  (The Herald,
> Traveler, Record, and Advertiser are all ancestors of today's Herald,
> in addition to a paper that was .)

However the Record, Traveler and Advertiser certainly didn't survive as
independent editorial voices with their own points of view and coverage

I can't go to the newstand and ask the guy for a copy of the 
Traveler.  He'd just look at me funny.

These papers are just memories and dusty yellowing stacks of paper in the
bowels of the Boston Herald's library.

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