Fwd: Shake-up at WEEI

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 15:06:51 EST 2003

--- Kevin Vahey <kvahey@tmail.com> wrote:

> For the few conflicta, WODS or WZLX would work fine.

If the Sox don't mind going to FM it would be good
for me (see reply I did earlier); but I'd think Sox
would want to stay on AM and have 'BZ move the
Bruins to FM. (When I typed my orig. reply I was
thinking "Sox moving to FM for conflicts" but I get
the feeling the Sox would definitely want to "stay
on one station" so people would remember it

Rumor has it the Sox would perhaps like to buy
a station (but whom?) in town and make it their
own radio version of NESN: Red Sox games, maybe
even Bruins too (but gee, d'ya think John Henry
can afford to buy _WBZ_? :)), sports talk, etc.

Picture (given that the calls would be available
and that Entercom would be wiling to sell)...

"WSOX 850, your Red Sox and sports talk station!" :)

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