Shake-up at WEEI

Hakim Madjid
Sat Nov 22 12:03:58 EST 2003

Kevin Vahey writes:

>Heads rolling at WEEI so there must be some
>advertising backlash over 
>the gorilla.

>I know WEEI is nervous about losing the Sox as the
>team is looking to 
>take radio in house as soon as current contract
>expires. Rumor is 
>Infinity open to a similar deal the Yankees have
>with WCBS.

IMHO WEEI can't afford to lose the 'Sox if they can
help it. The 'Sox are like 90% of what makes that

However, I thought 'EEIs Red Sox contract still has
several years to run?

Infinity? Sox on 'BZ perhaps?

Rumor is strong? What rumor is strong? All I've seen
so far is speculation on various on-line forums.

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