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>DATE: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 12:21:39
>From: "Brian Vita" <brian_vita@cssinc.com>
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>With all due respect, after all these years, the digs >against WCRB are
>getting tiresome.

In one respect, so are tirades against the New York
Yankees as the "Evil Empire".  One repetitious thread
or subject matter is about the tendencies of oldies 
stations to play only a fraction of popular recordings
that appeared at one time on the Billboard, CashBox or
Radio-and-Records lists.  The cadre of principally commercial
classical stations that also includes WGMS in DC and KDFC in
SanFran do exactly the same thing, as can be determined by
viewing their website playlists.  (A few non-comms are
doing something similar.)  I think it's fair to contrast
such outlets to KING-FM now that Seattle is no longer
embargoed and one can observe that it gets a 12-and-over
number about a percent lower than WCRB;  this is new.
Also Seattle has a high-ranking "Smooth Jazz"
outlet, and this format appeals to the same cohort as
KING-FM, and thus could draw some diary-holders from 98.1 (it wasn't
so popular in St. Botolphstown for some reason).
Remember, I haven't had occasion to mention anything on
this subject for MONTHS, because absolutely nothing
at Charles River B'casting has occurred except the purchase
of AM 1180 in RI.  Like Major Major in "Catch-22"
the one thing remarkalble about 102.5 is the fact that nothing remarkable
ever happens there...it's an audio wax museum.

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