Little Walter's Boston return syndicated

Eli Polonsky
Sat Nov 22 14:13:08 EST 2003

Well, listening right now, it sounds to me that Little Walter's
return to the Boston airwaves on WXKS-AM is the same pre-recorded
syndicated show that he sends to all his affiliates nationwide.

The only local identification from Walter is on liners aired
before, after, or to split up spot breaks, none in the body of
the show, and he's mentioning e-mail requests from all over the

It's great to hear him and the music here again, but I had hoped
that at least for his return (again) to his original home town
airwaves that he would've been on the air live to give it a
personal touch.

There's nothing wrong with him airing the syndicated show here on
an ongoing basis if that's what he chooses to do, but I had hoped
that his Boston return after two years would've been a more
special occasion.

In fact, I'm now realizing I heard part of this same program last
Sunday night on WWBB 101.5 ("B-101") Providence.

Eli Polonsky

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