Fwd: Shake-up at WEEI

Sean Smyth sps199@psu.edu
Sat Nov 22 13:26:47 EST 2003

Kevin wrote:
<< WCBS obviously feels it was worth the risk of losing newshounds to
rival WINS (even tho co owned)  KYW is talking to the Phillies for 
taking over from WPEN (the Phillies want NOTHING to do with WIP)

For the few conflicta, WODS or WZLX would work fine. The Sox would 
actually prefer FM because other than WBZ none of the AM signals serve 
NW W and SW of Boston well. >>

WCBS also has WFAN around in the event of a major news story going awry
(such as the blackout earlier this summer). And the Mets and Yankees
don't play simultaneously half the time, anyway, so that also clears out
room on WFAN's schedule.

As far as Philly, it might be interesting to note that UPN57 (Viacom
O&O?) already owns the TV rights. 1210 in Philly (Infinity/Viacom) also
carried the Phils' games until 2001 or '02, so that could be a logical

As far as AM signals not serving the northwest-of-Boston area ... I seem
to recall WRKO's transmitter being northwest of the city (Burlington) --
and north of where a good deal of the Boston-centered population lives.

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