Fwd: Shake-up at WEEI

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 13:00:23 EST 2003

--- Laurence Glavin <lglavin@lycos.com> wrote:
 Most weekday games
> are
> at night; but although WBZ is a useful station to
> have available
> weekend days since there's little news elsewhere,
> baseball games are usually played weekend
> afternoons.

True, most Sox games are at night but during the
beginning and end of the season there are more than a
few daytime games (or "early starts"-- 6 pm rather
than 7-- because of colder weather). Also throughout
the year there are "getaway days". For example,
you would have the Red Sox at Fenway playing 
Toronto on Tue. and Wed. nights then an afternoon
game on Thu. because they need to fly to the
West Coast (or wherever) for a series starting 
Friday night.

This would interrupt WBZ's "news radio". Unless
they could shuffle some games off to FM (who
would take them?) and the Sox would, frankly,
not be too crazy about them doing this.

And what about possible conflicts with the Bruins?
Off to FM for them, I guess. Oldies 103? (Was done
in the past-- Election Night, I think.)

> If the Red Sox did go to WBZ, WRKO could counter by
> increasing local news, weather and traffic reports
> on 
> Saturdays and Sundays;  both days  they have live,
> local (um, where does Stuart Spencer do his show
> anyway?)talk shows that could easily be formatted to
> resemble news/talk with a  heavier emphasis on news.

By the way I'm surprised WTKK doesn't do local news
past 7 pm. Strictly CNN. If there's a hot local
news story, listeners to the likes of Ingraham,
Hannity, and John and Jeff would wind up tuning
to WRKO or WBZ instead. (I think 'RKO does live
local TOH casts until 1 pm, when they have network
plus a shorter local news bit, possibly pre-recorded;
WBZ does network and local all night.

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