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Sat Nov 22 11:57:35 EST 2003

>DATE: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 19:26:34
>From: Kevin Vahey <kvahey@tmail.com>
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>I know WEEI is nervous about losing the Sox as the >team is looking to 
>take radio in house as soon as current contract >expires. Rumor is strong 
>Infinity open to a similar deal the Yankees have with >WCBS.

I hate to seem morbid, but if Davis Brudnoy's career is 
over, (and I should note that I was a frequent caller
to his show the D-Man would give me more time than some other
callers if I disagreed with him or his guest) WBZ-AM
management would see Red Sox baseball as an ideal product
for the spring/summer period.  Most weekday games are
at night; but although WBZ is a useful station to have available
weekend days since there's little news elsewhere,
baseball games are usually played weekend afternoons.
If the Red Sox did go to WBZ, WRKO could counter by
increasing local news, weather and traffic reports on 
Saturdays and Sundays;  both days  they have live,
local (um, where does Stuart Spencer do his show anyway?)talk shows that could easily be formatted to resemble news/talk with a  heavier emphasis on news.

Laurence Glavin

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