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>On 21 Nov 2003 at 16:01, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> But who was the first FM station to brodcast in stereo in Boston?

>WCRB was probably the first in Boston to broadcast FM >multiplex stereo.  I remember 
>listening to WCRB announce the authorization of FM >multiplex stereo on a newscast, which 
>included the announcement that WCRB would soon begin >such broadcasts.

Wait a minute...I believe the short-lived WUPI/WUPY
FM 105.3 in Lynn beat WCRB to the punch.  (This is not
a WCRB slam, it was a good station then).  Now to paraphrase
Bill Clinton, it depends on what the definition of Boston is.
WUPI/WUPY's COL was Lynn and WCRB's COL was and is Waltham.  The former's signal was probly just like WFNX's when
it broadcast from Rt. 107, while WCRB had about 3300 watts 
horizontal only at 920 feet on the channel 4 tower.
So 105.3 got into Back Bay, Allston-Brighton and Eastie
maybe a little bit better than 102.5 which in turn was
GIGANTIC in W.Roxbury, Hyde Pahk and Readville.
WBCN, which was then classical, followed by easy-listening days
classical at night, started stereo FM broadcasting shortly
thereafter, but I couldn't swear that it was the first Boston
COL to do so.

Laurence Glavin

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