Kennedy (and bringing it back to radio, TV)

Kevin Vahey
Fri Nov 21 18:40:49 EST 2003

WBZ AM had by luck of the draw one of the pool reporters in Dallas who 
was Sid Davis (who was working for Westinghouse) so his reports were 
tailored for the Group W o and o's which back then were probably WBZ, 
KYW Cleveland? and WOWO Ft Wayne.

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 6:13pm, Sean Smyth wrote:
> As a side note, it's not nice sharing a birthday with the date of
> America's most infamous assassination (I was born on the 15th
> anniversary of JFK's death).
> I wonder if any stations will devote special programming to the 40th
> anniversary of the president's death. I vaguely recall stations
> (especially Channel 4) running a number of specials on the 25th
> anniversary; I'm thinking there won't be much happening on the 40th
> since it's a "non-traditional" anniversary.
> I would expect many stations will do something for the 50th 
> anniversary.

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