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>On another list, we were asked where we were when >Kennedy was shot...

I was newly arrived at McCord AFB outside of Tacoma, WA,
and I had previously arranged to have the Globe mailed
to the Air Base's Post Office (MAFB was a small city and its
post office was almost as big as a the one in nearby Olympia.)
Thus, every morning at about ten o'clock PST, I would
go the pick up my (several days old) Globe.  I could not
then, as now, travel even a short distance without flipping 
on the radio.  It was AM-only, so I was tuned to KXA-AM 770
just as the bulletin came over the teletype.  When I returned
to my office at the flight line, no one had received word 
yet, even through the Air Defense Command sources.  
I had to insist that the radio said so before some people believed
it, then in a matter of minutes the base went on high
McCord had a state-of-the-art (then) facility called the SAGE
building (semi-automatic ground environment ?)
and the chances are that the 2-star General in charge was whisked
there immediately.  One of my best buddies was Officer-of-
the-Day...he didn't get much sleep, but then again, neither did
the rest of us.  Now 40 years later, I happened to sample
Michael Medved's show on WTTT-AM 1150, out of AM 770
in Seattle which is now KTTH.  HOW COULD THEY GIVE UP THOSE

Laurence Glavin

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