Liberal talk network sold to new investors

Bill O'Neill
Thu Nov 20 11:46:12 EST 2003

 I wonder if the history is the
> same national, and if we can go back in the same direction now that
> the national shows dominate?
> Larry Weil

It's even more than that. It was here in the Boston area that talk cut its
teeth.  It was in the spirit of activism, vox populi, and the medium is the
message that the phone and the radio merged.  It gave the daily press a run for
it's money and became the "Extra!" of the moment.  Growing up listening to talk
in Boston, I didn't sense a definite bias, rather, I sensed that action was
needed in discussion, e.g., Jerry, to make radio work.  Yes, it was about the
issues of the day, but, more importantly, it was about radio in people's lives
with relevance.  Today, radio has curtsied, backed away towards the door, and
gotten in line with new media and supposedly new ideas.

Bill O'Neill

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