Liberal talk network sold to new investors

Thu Nov 20 08:43:55 EST 2003

Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>I keep hearing people keep bashing the fact that we have "too much
>conservative talkradio" right now.  .
>I just think these things go in cycles.  It's not a 'conspiracy'...and I'm
>not sure you can 'force the issue' by setting up a 'Liberal Radio Network'.

Right now most commercial talk radio is conservative because that's what 
seems to work.  I'm not sure there is a big demand for liberal talk, but 
for such a network to succeed they're gonna need hosts who are first and 
foremost entertainers, not dry squishy idealogues.  Liberal hosts seem to 
either sound shrill and defensive or like naive utopian dreamers...neither 
of which connects with the public very well.  Right now conservatives have 
the "hot button" issues on their side.

I agree with the cycles...the current conservative trend in talk radio 
started as a reaction to the perception that the media was too 
liberal.  When the general population has its fill of conservatism then 
maybe liberal talk will become successful, but not until.

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