Polkas on 1030, County on 1010...oh my!

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon Nov 17 13:49:48 EST 2003

Except that I don't think there's anything on 1010 in eastern Canada other
than CFRB and the Newfoundland station. There is an allocation in Thunder
Bay ON, which is northwest of Toronto and protects CFRB. CFRB is a Class A
AM (kinda weird because CFRB's skywave service receives severe interference
from WINS, but there are historical reasons related to the CBC's
confiscation--in the early 1940s--of CFRB's former frequency, 860, and
frequency swap of CJBC with CFRB). Anyhow, although the dominant Class A on
1010 is in Alberta (Calgary, I think), CFRB is not supposed to receive
skywave interference from any Canadian station. However, the Newfoundland
station might have been on 1010 before NF became part of Canada, so its
skywave contours may be grandfathered. The fact that the NF station is ND-U
(5 kW-D/1 kW-N) suggests that the station is very old.

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> Scott Fybush wrote:
> > As for country on 1010, surely Mr. Nelson knows
> > better than to believe
> > either radio-locator or WNTK's own website! <g>
> Well I was hoping either might be accurate but I
> guess they aren't :) I haven't been up there in
> awhile but in the summer I drove through the area
> and heard country on 1020 and talk (Howie Carr)
> on 1480. But as you say, they moved the 1020
> to 1010 and the talk became oldies in _Sept._...
> So maybe I was picking up WNTK 1010 instead of
> the station from Newfoundland. But the fact that I've
> gotten some Canadian AMs before here on the coast
> (in daytime) made me think it was possible...

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