water and ground waves in DX

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 00:06:56 EST 2003

--- David Moisan <dmoisan@davidmoisan.org> wrote:
> Good catch!  In downtown Salem, I usually only get
> WINS during the daytime, 
> though with the shorter days I can usually receive
> CHTN if the Sun is quiet 
> enough.  I have yet to get Newfoundland.

This morning about 11:20 am, I was heading over
the Beverly-Salem bridge into Salem to do my WMWM
show. I was listening to Let's Talk About Radio,
of course, but for a moment I tuned to 1010 and
heard country again, as I was on the highest part
of the bridge. As I headed toward Bridge St.,
it faded because WBZ started to overpower it.

> If it weren't so bitterly cold lately, I'd walk to
> the bridge to hear for 
> myself.  At home, I'm surrounded completely by
> concrete, so I couldn't say 
> if a wet ground matters. :(
> I miss CHSJ, too.

Yup...for the record, the "catch" I made was in the
parking lot of the "99" near the bridge. Right on the

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