Sat Nov 15 08:57:10 EST 2003

Sid Schweiger wrote:

>2) No one can re-issue Beatles songs without their OK.  All the master and 
>work tapes are so labeled, with the signatures of the band members on each 
>and every tape.

I though Michael Jackson owned the rights to most of the Beatles 
repertoire, or is it just publishing rights?

>3) There's no guarantee that this one will sell.  The Beatles Anthology 
>series, the BBC tapes disks, the re-issue of the "Yellow Submarine" 
>soundtrack and the two singles issued along with the Anthology TV series 
>were certainly not the sort of instant platinum records that they had when 
>they were still together.  The sales of "1" were, in that respect, a fluke.

I think this one is for the "true believers".  I doubt many people outside 
of the diehard fans really care about an album of alternate takes despite 
the "this is the way the Beatles wanted the album to sound" hype.  In 1969 
I doubt any of the members cared one way or another.  "1s" sold well 
because all the songs were hits.  LIB was, at best, a contractual 
obligation album.  My guess is that pretty much anyone who cares will buy 
it now, and sales will fizzle out pretty fast.

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