Joseph Pappalardo
Sat Nov 15 01:37:12 EST 2003

> >>The whole point is $$$$$$.<<
> 1) Paul and Ringo certainly don't need the money.

At a certain point in an artists career, when they have more money than they
could ever use in their own becomes about making money for
their future lineage.  To make enough, keep enough, and make more..for the
future generations of that star.

Certain industries and products will live on  what seems like forever (100's
of years), the Seagrams fortune, the Hilton fortune, etc.  Will the Beatles
as a corperation still be making money in 100+ years? Hmmmmm......

I don't know, but it would behoove them to sell every record, CD, DVD,
book...and other affiliated products now while their primary audience and
constituancy is still alive. (The core of their fans are now 50+.)

> 3) There's no guarantee that this one will sell.  The Beatles Anthology
series, the BBC tapes disks, the re-issue of the "Yellow Submarine"
soundtrack and the two singles issued along with the Anthology TV series
were certainly not the sort of instant platinum records that they had when
they were still together.  The sales of "1" were, in that respect, a fluke.

Well, with re-issues of anything, the R&D, labor and publishing costs,
recording costs, salaries are mostly covered in their original issue.  A
re-issue of anything is basically gravy.

Do they really have to sell a lot of them?

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