"Let It Be... Half-Naked" on 'ODS

Aaron Read aread@speakeasy.net
Fri Nov 14 17:31:32 EST 2003

At 05:04 PM 11/14/2003, Aaron Read wrote:
>At 02:06 AM 11/14/2003, Donna Halper wrote:
>>>Eli wrote--
>>>I hear it was also on WBZ, but I didn't think of checking them.
>>I cannot even begin to put into words the feeling of nostalgia that came 
>>over me as I drove home and listened to the Beatles on WBZ.  It brought 
>>back memories of those days in the late 60s when WBZ still played music-- 
>>Bruce Bradley was a personal fave of mine,
>I know WBZ doesn't have AM stereo on their primary transmitter (b/c IBOC 
>and AM Stereo don't mix) but they DO have it on their main backup (at the 
>same site, in Hull).   FWIW, they don't on the third backup in Allston.
>Did they switch on the backup to have AM Stereo for the Let It Be-Naked 
>broadcast?   That would've been cool...
>- Aaron

D'oh...a bunch of messages arrived answering this right after I sent 
it.  Nevermind...

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