"Let It Be... Half-Naked" on 'ODS

Aaron Read aread@speakeasy.net
Fri Nov 14 17:04:48 EST 2003

At 02:06 AM 11/14/2003, Donna Halper wrote:

>>Eli wrote--
>>I hear it was also on WBZ, but I didn't think of checking them.
>I cannot even begin to put into words the feeling of nostalgia that came 
>over me as I drove home and listened to the Beatles on WBZ.  It brought 
>back memories of those days in the late 60s when WBZ still played music-- 
>Bruce Bradley was a personal fave of mine,

I know WBZ doesn't have AM stereo on their primary transmitter (b/c IBOC 
and AM Stereo don't mix) but they DO have it on their main backup (at the 
same site, in Hull).   FWIW, they don't on the third backup in Allston.

Did they switch on the backup to have AM Stereo for the Let It Be-Naked 
broadcast?   That would've been cool...

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