Sid Schweiger
Fri Nov 14 11:37:34 EST 2003

>>What was wrong with the way it was originally made?  I wonder if a copy of the original version is still available somewhere....or do they pull all those "old" copies off the shelf?<<

The original is still in print.

What's wrong with it was that at the time, the Beatles were bickering almost non-stop and paying little attention to getting the album out.  George Martin was disillusioned as well, so since EMI wanted the album released at roughly the same time as the companion movie of the same name, they had to find a producer to finish it...and Phil Spector was available.  The Beatles, mostly Paul, were appalled when they heard the finished product, particularly the trademark Spector over-production on "Let It Be" and "The Long and Winding Road," but couldn't do anything about it at that time.

Now, Paul, Ringo and the estates of George and John have complete control over all aspects of the band's recordings and business affairs.  Thus, the web site which came online when "1" was released, the remixed version of "All You Need Is Love," which was on the re-released soundtrack of "Yellow Submarine," and now the "Let It Be" album the way the band meant it to be.

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