Today's LTAR: WTTT

Bob Nelson
Sun Nov 9 11:13:21 EST 2003

Am listening to Let's Talk About Radio right now and
Bob and Donna are discussing the new WTTT 1150.
Yup, I did know that Feder, Praeger, and Medved
are Jewish (and on a Christian network), but sometimes
people refer to this as a "Judeo-Christian"
perspective. It certainly is a conservative one,

It was said that perhaps socially conservative folks
have tended to vote Democratic in the past (candidates
like Ray Flynn, maybe) but maybe they'll
turn Republican.

--Remember the so-called "Reagan Democrats" of the
80s? Socially, and perhaps fiscally, conservative...
couldn't stand to vote for Carter or Mondale.

--Perhaps the last gubernatorial election results
were affected by such voters-- voters who would have
voted for O'Brien but disagreed with her stands
on gay marriage and parental notification when it
came to abortion. They voted for Romney instead.

As for the Reagan movie, yes, many people were
condemning it without even seeing it BUT some
excerpts were run on TV and radio, and some did
see the script online and mentioned the inaccuracies
that were presented. But it indeed is possible
that one reason the movie was pulled was because
CBS wanted to get the right to buy more stations,
and they didn't want to offend Bush and the
GOP for fear that they wouldn't get their way.

As for Donna saying that yes, Reagan did say
those things about AIDS (which I don't remember)
and Nancy consulting an astronomer (which I do),
how about if Clinton were dying of Alzheimer's
and a movie with gross inaccuracties of his
life were to be would folks on the
left feel about that?

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