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Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 13:23:54 EST 2003

--- Sid Schweiger <sid@wrko.com> wrote:
> Conservative talk-radio works because it is, for the
> most part, entertaining.  Liberal talk-radio hasn't
> worked because it is, for the most part, boring.

Yes, and I can think of two liberal hosts who, in
my opinion, were not boring-- and both have aired on
WRKO in the 10 pm time slot. Stephanie Miller (whose
syndicator scrapped her show) and Alan Colmes (who was
only on 'RKO for a few weeks, at the start of the Iraq

If anything, Miller's comedy gifts ("Stand Up
News", etc.) were a big plus; as for Colmes, "Fox
News Live" was a fast-paced look at the news
with Colmes interviewing the likes of Ollie North
and Fox correspondents like Geraldo Rivera, and
taking a few calls.

Both Colmes and Hannity have said they're flexible
with issues-- i.e., they don't necessarily agree
with lawmakers and pundits on every issue, and they
let their disagreements be known. Hannity, for
example, may agree with the President on most
issues but may disagree on things like immigration
restrictions (or lack thereof). As I listened to
Colmes in his brief WRKO stint, I found sometimes
he was more moderate than liberal. 

> Radio programming is not about politics and never
> has been.  It is about entertainment.  Some of the
> most liberal of station owners regularly program
> conservative talk shows...because they entertain and
> bring in ratings and revenue.

Indeed. By the way, did you hear about how the late
Joan Kroc of McDonald's fame bequeathed $200 million
to NPR? So that's good news for those who like
the left-leaning news/talk on NPR (as well as
music/cultural programming). Talk about a "super-
sized" donation! :)

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