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Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 03:17:10 EST 2003

--- "A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@attorneyross.com> wrote:
 If talk shows are
> conservative, naturally those who listen 
> will be conservative.  They won't listen to a
> liberal talk show, but people of more liberal 
> pursuasion won't listen to a conservative talk show,
> either. 

Not necessarily; yes, MOST listeners of a conservative
host would tend to be conservative,
but some liberals do listen and occasionally call.
And there have been some liberal hosts-- Alan
Colmes, Stephanie Miller-- who have attracted
listeners of both "wings". Such as yours truly
(as I've said before, I'm conservative in
some issues and liberal/moderate in others).
I enjoyed Colmes during his brief stint on WRKO
and also loved Steph's show.

So a good liberal talk show might 
> attract an audience that is not now listening to
> talk shows.

Those who are liberal and are not quite into
Carr, Severin, Hannity, etc. might be listening to
talk shows already, though-- talk and news programming
on NPR.

By the way on her syndicated show tonight, Laura
Ingraham played excerpts from her appearance on
ABC-TV's "The View". The hosts (Star Jones,
Joy Behar, Baba Wawa, etc.) wouldn't even let their
guest talk-- well, she'd let out a few words but then
the others would barge in and for the most part
disagree...and soon it sounded like the kind of
shoutfest usually heard on WEEI's "The Big Show".
At least most RADIO talk show hosts let their
guests say more than a few words before they
interject...Ingraham said she later got an
apology from the show's producers about the
hosts' behavior toward her.

And by the way, when it comes the CBS pulling the
Reagan biopic: a) there were economic reasons
involved-- possible sponsor boycotts, plus Viacom/
CBS wants to own more stations and the GOP-controlled
Congress could be a roadblock in their way, so
they didn't want to rock the boat with the
controversial film; and, b) remember Michael
Savage's MSNBC show, and Dr. Laura's TV show?
Both were victims of economic boycotts, viewer
complaints, etc. So the pendulum swings both
ways... hopefully those on the Left will remember
that they had their own "victories" when it came
to controversial TV programs.

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