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A. Joseph Ross lawyer@attorneyross.com
Wed Nov 5 23:58:47 EST 2003

On 5 Nov 2003 at 1:19, Donna Halper wrote:

> The station seems to be trying to image itself as a conservative station
> that even a stereotypically Massachusetts liberal can like-- one promo had
> a female voice who said she listened but didn't know how to tell her
> friends, or something like that-- she said she had voted for all of the
> Kennedys but she wasn't ashamed to admit she liked this new station... 
> Basically, it sounded like a kinder gentler version of conservative talk,
> blaming Clinton for most things and defending Bush... yawn... do we need
> yet another conservative talk station in town?

Something occurred to me -- On last Sunday's LTAR, something was said about some 
survey of talk-radio listeners which found that they were very conservative, and that was the 
reason that a liberal talk show wouldn't work.

But that's a self-selected group.  If talk shows are conservative, naturally those who listen 
will be conservative.  They won't listen to a liberal talk show, but people of more liberal 
pursuasion won't listen to a conservative talk show, either. So a good liberal talk show might 
attract an audience that is not now listening to talk shows.

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