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SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Wed Nov 5 09:06:27 EST 2003

Dan Strassberg wrote:

>I have to agree that Hewitt, Medved, Gallagher et al, while ardent
>conservatives, are a lot more polite and even somewhat more even handed with
>the callers than are Michael Savage and many of the conservative hosts on
>other networks.

I'm not familiar with Hewitt or Medved, but I don't hear a dime's worth of 
difference between Gallagher & Savage (unless Gallagher has mellowed 
considerably in the past year or so).

Part of the problem with there being so few liberal hosts outside of public 
radio is that they tend to be rather dry and boring.  Even Mario Cuomo, who 
was a captivating speaker live sounded sort of dull on his talk show.  For 
liberal talkers to succeed, they need (1) to insert a little showbiz into 
their act and (2) change their presentation so they don't come across as 
squishy "Cambridge" types.  It seems that the flaming conservative act is 
starting to wear thin...might be a good time for a liberal equivalent of 
Rush to come on the scene.  But you've still got to be an entertainer first 
or you're toast.

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