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Yes, I even tried calling to see if I could clear up the continual
references to the wrong frequency, but by the time I got to the phone, the
tape delay had begun. BTW, Hewitt's show, which has been heard at least for
months--and probably longer--on WROL 950, was on both 950 and 1150 last
night from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Moreover, I could believe that 950 was on
full day power overnight. OTOH 1150 did a full three-hour rebroadcast of
Hewitt from 9:00 PM to midnight, whereas at 9:00 PM, 950 switched to
preaching--of which I listened to only a minute or two. What little I heard
of the preaching sounded well produced. The program allegedly originated at,
or was at least brokered to, a church somewhere on the South Shore.

What really disappointed me was that I did not find David Lawrence's program
on WTTT. According to the Globe article about the station of a few days ago,
David's show was supposed to air on 1150 from 9:00 PM to midnight, which I
think would have meant Boston would be getting the national live feed. Now,
it could be that the Hugh Hewitt repeat from 9:00 PM to midnight on 1150 was
just a first-day thing, but I have the feeling that the information about
Lawrence's program in the Globe (supposedly a quote from a Salem programming
executive) was wrong and that Salem is making WTTT 100% political
talk--something the programming exec just didn't realize.

I have to agree that Hewitt, Medved, Gallagher et al, while ardent
conservatives, are a lot more polite and even somewhat more even handed with
the callers than are Michael Savage and many of the conservative hosts on
other networks. Still, I had to chuckle when a caller took one host to task
for enagaging in name calling and the host--in one sentence--denied that he
ever engages in name calling and then immediately referred to Wesley Clark
as Weasley Clark. Such shenanigans may please the masses but they reveal
the bankruptcy of the host's arguments. I consider Savage's habitual name
calling to be the single feature of his program that most contributes to his
complete lack of credibility.

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> Did a little listening to 1150AM while on the way home
> this afternoon.
> I was a a little surprised.
> They had some produced ID's and a slogan ready to go:
> The Boston "T" Party - W-T-T-T.
> While the host (Hugh Hewitt) was a conservative....He
> appeared to be mild-mannered.
> One thing though....  I heard the host (Hewitt)
> welcome his new Boston listeners at "WTTT - AM 9-50".
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