BRW: Retiring the term "oldies"

Paul Hopfgarten
Tue Nov 4 16:22:23 EST 2003

Since the youngest (generally speaking) listener of pre 1964 oldies was
likely a circa 1965 HS graduate, and is now 56 years old, and either outside
or at the edge of the prime demo, other than graveyard AM's, I doubt you'll
see the genre anywhere else.

How many "beautiful music" stations are there now vs 15-20 years ago?

Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit" will be on so called "oldies" stations
in 10 years (or less) as those HS grads hit 40!

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>   Bob Nelson wrote:
> >The latest "issue" of Boston Radio Watch mentions an
> >article about how Infinity/Viacom stations may soon be
> >retiring the term "oldies" at their, uh, oldies
> >stations (perhaps even WODS, "Oldies 103.3"...)
> Kind of makes sense.  While a 30 year old song is, by anyone's definition
> old, the term "oldie" tends to be associated with Elvis, Little Richard &
> the 4 Seasons, not BTO, Billy Joel or the Eagles.  With most "oldies"
> stations focusing almost exclusively on post-British invasion music it's
> probably a good idea to lose the old handle.  I guess it remains
> to be seen
> if the new crop of 1955-1965 oldies stations succeeds.

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