Retiring the term "oldies"

Dan Strassberg
Tue Nov 4 09:36:42 EST 2003

Well, if Viacom retires the word "oldies," what becomes of the WODS calls?
ODS stands for oldies. Will the calls change, or will Viacom drive a new
meaning under the existing calls? Somehow I don't think that having ODS
stand of odious will cut it--although I imagine that only a small percentage
of WODS listeners have a clue about the meaning of odious.

Dan Strassberg,
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Subject: BRW: Retiring the term "oldies"

> The latest "issue" of Boston Radio Watch mentions an
> article about how Infinity/Viacom stations may soon be
> retiring the term "oldies" at their, uh, oldies
> stations (perhaps even WODS, "Oldies 103.3"...)
> "Greatest Hits of the 60s and 70s" and other nicknames
> are being used. (Though I think 103.3 still uses the
> "O" least for now!)
> Maybe they'll think up another nickname; I'd suggest
> "Classic Gold" (after an oldies station I've heard
> from England) but the folks at Greater Media (WROR
> 105.7, "Classic Hits") here in town would
> object...
> I notice "Oldies" is still being used at Cool 96.5 in
> Bedford/Manchester, NH; it says "oldies radio, Cool
> 96.5" in their jingles.

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