BRW: Retiring the term "oldies"

Dan Bourret
Tue Nov 4 07:58:01 EST 2003

You might be on to something there.  I know this just
part of a nation-wide promotion, but WODS 103.3 is
participating in a nation-wide promo (all
Infinity/Viacom stations are) where when they play the
theme from Hawaii 5-O in its entirety, a caller wins. 
As part of this promo, during its run, they are
calling themselves "Hawaii 103.3" and the tag they
have running in the ad for the promo comes right out
and says "Forget the Oldies, we are Hawaii 103.3." 
Perhaps this is the beginning of the you say.

--- Bob Nelson <> wrote:
> The latest "issue" of Boston Radio Watch mentions an
> article about how Infinity/Viacom stations may soon
> be
> retiring the term "oldies" at their, uh, oldies
> stations (perhaps even WODS, "Oldies 103.3"...) 
> "Greatest Hits of the 60s and 70s" and other
> nicknames
> are being used. (Though I think 103.3 still uses the
> "O" least for now!) 
> Maybe they'll think up another nickname; I'd suggest
> "Classic Gold" (after an oldies station I've heard
> from England) but the folks at Greater Media (WROR
> 105.7, "Classic Hits") here in town would 
> object... 
> I notice "Oldies" is still being used at Cool 96.5
> in
> Bedford/Manchester, NH; it says "oldies radio, Cool
> 96.5" in their jingles. 

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