Universities Going Corporate?

Aaron Read aread@speakeasy.net
Mon Nov 3 12:18:26 EST 2003

At 06:05 PM 10/31/2003, rogerkirk wrote:
>For those who have expressed an interest (+,- or =)
>in the ULowellSun venture, some interesting information
>may be in the offing at the Thursday WBZ Business Breakfast.
>I received an e-mail from WBZ - an excerpt therefrom:
>"Learn how new concerns are forcing Universities to think more along 
>corporate lines than ever before! Plus, discover how institutions will 
>handle these changes to remain competitive in the future. To register for 
>this free event, follow the direct link, 
>Anybody on this list planning to attend?

You have to register by today to attend.  I'm tempted but I've got a lot on 
my plate.  Really it'd be interesting to see if the issue of Universities 
changing their stations from expenses into income comes up at all.   I 
doubt it'd be talked about at all, and if it is, then I doubt it'd be 
discussed for more than 30 seconds.   But even if it were mentioned at all 
it'd be rather telling in my book.   Especially since the interim President 
of UMass is one of the speakers.

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