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MIT's LAMP music network shut down over licensing issues
Posted 11/01/2003 @ 10:41 AM, by Ken "Caesar" Fisher

MIT has had to shut down its eyebrow-raising Library Access to Music 
Project (LAMP). The project has been overzealously heralded by some as a 
panacea to the problems of P2P on college campuses, as it purported to make 
thousands of songs freely available on the campus' cable TV network. The 
service made great use of the so-called "analog hole," ostensibly skirting 
US Copyright issues by broadcasting below-CD quality analog music to 
devices that could not easily be used by end users to capture music (e.g., 
TVs). The service looked completely legal, although cynics were quick to 
point out that entities such as the RIAA would likely wrangle it to the 
ground using whatever methods possible.

(full article at link above)

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