(3) Facilities change for 107.9 WHQO Skowhegan

Dan Billings billings@suscom-maine.net
Sun Nov 2 16:12:34 EST 2003

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> 6kw, 203m HAAT, 49 mi,  is pushing it, but, depending on terrain &
> other obstructions, possible, but not expected common.
> Is your house on a hill (would improve signal strength)?
> Or do you have a very sensitive recvr?
> You could have unusually  good conditions, or good luck?
> Such reception is what DX'ing is all about.

My guess is that there are no major hills obstructing reception between here
and Skowhegan.  I can listen to the station driving around in my car.  There
have been some unusual conditions recently but I have been able to tune into
the station for a week.

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