Will it ever stop?

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Wed Dec 31 07:58:43 EST 2003


Plus, the fact
> that they're
> -still- playing Christmas music after Dec. 25th would clue
> listeners in to
> the fact that a change is coming, and to keep checking in.

Problem is, even the more un-geek listeners have learned that most format flips
end up as teenie tweaks to the big picture.  What insiders might herald as a bid
deal, most just hear a bunch of new positioners and a different big-boy
liner-boy 1000 miles down the ISDN line. Am I too cynical?  I hope so.  If they
flip to All Sound Effects All the Time, or, Only the Best Salsa (the kind you
dip your chip into....) then ring me up.

Bill O'Neill

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