Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Tue Dec 30 23:37:31 EST 2003

Ch'kigo, Ch'kigo:

> Of course the low end would be more noticeable on WMUD.  ;-)

Liners they won't bother with: "Our name is MUD.  What's yours?"  "Got Mud?"
"Got boots?"  "Just our name is dirty."

They are, OTOH, running with "Farm Fresh Radio. 89.3 WMUD."  Moo sfx redundant.
Bridport, where the studio is located, is home to thousands of acres of grazing
land.  And, yes, mud.

> And let us know if they play anything by Rick Charette & the Bubblegum
> Band...
>  *local kids' entertainer here in Maine; very huge -
> Wiggles-esque.  Big
> song: I Love Mud*

If they're not, I'll make a request and roll mud, I mean tape.

> Mayhaps you could find your way inside and teach them a thing or two
> about jocking?  Then, once you get your consultancy up and going, you
> could streamline their infinite playlist down to about 250 very safe
> titles that would repeat, ad naseaum, and then watch the station's
> ratings and billable minutes go through the roof!

Wow. Cume. TSLs. ADI. Quarter Hours.  Nauseaum.  Nausea.  Cows.  Mud.  Put them
all together and, and, it will be like, like, .... any CC-like station in the
boonies with bosses in faraway buildings with gray cubicles and remote pc
access.  <sfx of air squeezing through a baloon ;-)>

Bill O'Neill

Always remember that you're unique.
Just like everybody else.

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